About Me

I really love to dive into my photography in my free time. I enjoy creating unique photos around central Illinois, where I live with my husband and son.  I enjoy taking photos of the U of I campus, as well as agriculture and farm photos, and also photos from our travels. Sometimes it's hard to decide if I more enjoy being there to click the shutter or post-processing that photo into the image that inspired me!

My family and I travel whenever we can, once or twice a year, and that's why you'll also see photos of other places here.  We often spend time in Hawaii and occasionally Europe.  We also love the National Park system here. My husband is also into photography and his photos are in here as well. You can read a little about him below.  I would love to hear your comments about our photos, website, or anything, so please feel free to send an email  to  leigh@leightrailphotography.com 


I also work for the Federal government by day.  But I spend as much time as I can pointing a camera at something.  Some of the photos you see on the site were taken by me.  But if you think any of them look good you can thank my wife.  I don't like Photoshop any more than I did the smell of darkroom chemicals or trying to do anything with both hands inside a black bag.  

Modern mirrorless cameras brought me back to photography.  Over the years just looking at the behemoth cameras and lenses that Nikon and Canon were producing made my back hurt.  And being able to easily carry more than one camera and several lenses has let me experiment more in a year than I could in a decade using film.  Fisheyes, infrared, panoramas, light painting ......   How can you not love photography now.

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